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Things to do in Monsoon in Mumbai

Mumbai, often referred to as the city that never sleeps, transforms into a magical wonderland during the monsoon season. The rains bring a refreshing break from the heat, painting the city in hues of green and grey. From the rhythmic pitter-patter on rooftops to the lush landscapes, monsoon in Mumbai is a unique experience filled with romance and adventure. Here’s a guide to the places to visit in Mumbai during monsoon.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a must-visit during the monsoon. The iconic stretch, often called the Queen's Necklace, glistens beautifully under the rainy sky. The cool breeze, crashing waves, and the sight of people enjoying the weather make it a perfect spot for an evening walk. The charm of Marine Drive is truly elevated in the rain, offering a romantic and serene experience.

Marine Drive during daytime
Gateway of India Mumbai near Ramada Plaza Palm Grove 1

Gateway of India

Standing tall and proud, the Gateway of India offers a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea. During the monsoon, the structure looks even more majestic with the backdrop of dark, rain-laden clouds. A ferry ride from here to the Elephanta Caves can be an exhilarating experience, with the rains adding to the adventure.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is synonymous with Mumbai's street food culture. During the monsoon, the beach comes alive with food stalls offering a variety of local delights. From hot pav bhaji to spicy vada pav and crispy pakoras, the food at Juhu Beach is a must-try. The aroma of these delicacies mixed with the fresh scent of rain creates an unforgettable sensory experience. Enjoying a steaming cup of cutting chai while watching the waves dance in the rain is pure bliss.

a corn on the cob being grilled directly on hot coal by a street vendor
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Sanjay Gandhi National Park

For nature lovers, a trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a must. The park is lush and vibrant during the monsoon, offering a perfect escape from the urban hustle. You can explore the ancient Kanheri Caves, take a refreshing walk through the trails, or enjoy a boat ride in the park’s lake. The greenery and fresh air rejuvenate the soul.

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