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Fun Things to Do in Mumbai With Friends

The big city of Mumbai, as you may know, is not lacking in entertainment. It is even home to one of the world’s largest entertainment industries in the world - Bollywood. From kids to seniors, there is something for everyone, keeping one and all immersed in its endless charms. You can visit the various landmarks, go food hogging, party it up and more! But all that information can easily be pulled up from the internet in seconds. So here is a list of quirky, out-of-the-norm, fun things to do in Mumbai with your friends.

Helicopter Ride at Juhu Airport

Let's go outside the norm right off the bat with a helicopter ride around the City of Dreams! Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, no more! You may have thought that the helicopters you see zooming around the city’s skyline either belong to rich tycoons or were service choppers, either owned or operated by the government and its different wings. But only a few know that leisure chopper rides are also open to the public who wish to go for a ride amidst the clouds! There are plenty of operators offering these premium services at Juhu Airport. So what are you waiting for? Strap on those buckles and go for a city round trip now!

Helicopter Ride
Go Karting

Go-karting at Powai

Shift your routine evenings into high gear and show your friends who's the boss on asphalt! That's right, there is nothing as simple, yet as exciting, as a go-kart chase to lift your spirits. And when it is a competition with your friends, there's not much that beats it. Hakone Entertainment Center at Powai is the go-to choice for this delightful experience. If fun is on your mind, then you will absolutely love this place and all its offerings. Split into teams and own your friends in a game of paintball. Knock 'em upside down and see them bounce away harmlessly while zorbing. Bring your rodeo game face and tussle with the bull ride, or take a walk down memory lane with a ride on bumper cars.

Mahalaxmi Race Course

This horse racing track in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai comes alive in mid-November, when the racing season starts. If your timing is perfect, you can also witness the McDowell's Indian Derby during the month of February, which is attended by the upper crust of the Mumbai populace. During off-season, parts of the racecourse are also open to the public, where you can see morning walkers and joggers going about with their daily fitness regimen. Catch a game of Horse Polo, people walking their dogs, just chatting and catching up. The Amateur Riders Club also provides horse-riding lessons for all enthusiasts. This could be the perfect place for you to chill, play around and have a memorable day in the open air.

a jockey on a horse at Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai
Forest Trails bcicnm

Forest Trails at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Feeling out of touch with nature within the city limits? Want to refresh your senses and go for a walk amidst greenery, with the warmth of the sun peeking through the canopy? You can smell the damp ground that is still moist from the cool night before - fresh and invigorating, almost like a post-drizzle afternoon and hear the sound of koels and sunbirds all around you. That is what the forest trails at Sanjay Gandhi National Park have to offer. Starting from Shilonda Trail to Malad, Kanheri among others, you can pick from seven different trails for a great experience.

Cycling Tours at Colaba

Mumbai blooms in all its glory at night and that is an open secret. While most of the population has gone to sleep and the streets are secluded from the noise of vehicles and the general buzz of the day, a certain calm befalls the city allowing us to connect with it more deeply. And what better way to do that than a curated cycling tour of Mumbai. If you were searching for fun activities in Mumbai, then this is it!. Starting from Colaba Causeway, the ride takes you through nine major locations in South Mumbai, over a 30 km ride. The slumbering city with its night lights and the sound of waves crashing hits different in the dark!

cyclists on tour
graffiti Street Art

Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

If cool neighbourhoods won prizes, then Kala Ghoda Art Precinct would win hands down. The site, starting from Regal Circle to Mumbai University on M.G Road, is considered the precinct area. A hub of art, culture, history and philosophy, a walk through these streets will show and teach you so much. There are plenty of frames for you shutterbugs to capture and plenty more to marvel at. The Kala Ghoda festival that happens annually every February is a special occasion that you should not miss if it can be helped. Art installations line the roads, stalls featuring handicrafts to technology and textiles are set up, and the streets are abuzz with dance, music, theatre and art. It certainly tops the fun places to visit in Mumbai with friends. A more vibrant spectacle is hard to find!

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