Exploring Bandra Street Art | Mumbai Street Art

Exploring Bandra Street Art

While Bandra is a popular destination for eateries and nightlife, very few people are aware of the quaint lanes that are home to some of the most imaginative street art and murals. The best graffiti in the city may be found on Chapel Road in Bandra, one of the alleyways. To document Bandra's vibrant street art with a camera, Globetrotter is hosting a street photography workshop. Anyone interested in upping their Instagram game, or expert photographers alike, is welcome to attend this session. Expect 3D graffiti, street art with Bollywood influences, and artwork with hidden meanings.

Exploring the Street Murals of Mumbai

Mumbai's Bandra suburb provides a distinctive fusion of quaint old villages, Bollywood glitz, and street art. On the one hand, there are the Koliwadas, which still cling on to some areas of this island, and the Gaonthans, as the villages of Mumbai were referred to. On the other hand, immigrants became prominent locals. You will be abruptly cut off from the bustle of the big city by the Bandra street art. High-rise structures provide a way for nicely decorated homes, while you can appreciate a grill's design, a staircase's distinctive layout, or a railing that bears hints about the era to which it belonged.


Chapel Road

Chapel Road in Bandra is a road that links Hill Road to Mount Carmel Church. The once independent Ranwar Village, which is now a part of Bandra, is traversed by a narrow, curving road. Many Bandra residents who are travelling to or from the Bandra-Worli Sealink take this route as a shortcut. But more importantly, and relevant to this piece, it is a road that is well-known throughout the world due to the street art and graffiti that can be found there. As you walk through Chapel Road, Mumbai, you will be left appalled by the street art on the walls there. Every step you take will mesmerize you.

Bollywood Art Project

The idea of the Bollywood Art Project or BAP was conceived by Ranjit Dahiya. When he first arrived in Mumbai in 2008, he was shocked to find that Bollywood, one of the most well-known symbols of the city, wasn't very visible. He, therefore, decided to take action. As Hollywood did, BAP could have shown some appropriately enormous writing, but Mumbai lacks the necessary hills. However, there are many unsightly facades in the city that might need a fresh coat of paint. Mr Dahiya quickly discovered his creative flow after receiving training as a graphic artist and working as a painter of movie signage for theatres.

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Nagrana Lane

If one is walking along Hill Road in Bandra West, Nagrana Lane might be easily overlooked or buried. Its entrance is tiny and concealed by a large tree, making it easy to miss. But at the opposite end of the lane, directly opposite the Mockingbird Cafe, Nagrana Lane may be easily identified. Across the entire street, you are greeted by a tiny hut-shaped wall with a yellow and blue face and colourful hair, if you arrive from the Mockingbird Cafe side. As you walk inside the lane you will be left enthralled and amazed by the artwork around.

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