The Glowing Beach of Juhu | Bioluminescence in Mumbai

The Glowing Beach of Juhu

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One of the most sought after destinations in Mumbai, Juhu Beach is celebrated for its enthralling visuals. What makes the beach even more unique is its bioluminescent feature. The waves when hitting the shore emit neon blue lights. This natural yet unusual occurrence caught the attention of the locals and the tourists. On a further study by Ecology professors, it was concluded that the neon lights were the product of phytoplankton called dinoflagellates. Marine algae are usually found in coastal regions and emit neon colours when in contact with water.

The microbes emit neon lights only for a short period of time and they ultimately perish due to their extremely sensitive nature. The beauty of these microorganisms is that they can surface anywhere. If you truly want to experience one of nature’s unique attractions, head over to Juhu Bioluminescent Beach Mumbai. This distinctive occurrence is best viewed when you visit the beach at around 9:30 p.m.

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Juhu Beach helicopter ride

Juhu - Bioluminescent Beach in Mumbai

The phytoplankton that causes the bioluminescence in Mumbai is a rare occurrence because these algae have been known to be present in deeper waters and not too close to the shore. This phenomenon has amazed both scientists and professors alike who are still conducting studies to understand the occurrence of this event.

Travellers who visit Juhu Beach around this time have described that the beach has a shimmering blue light that stands out against the dark backdrop. Take a trip to Mumbai to experience the Juhu Beach bioluminescence effect and truly appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

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