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Welcome to the mesmerising world of Bollywood stars and their magnificent homes nestled near the iconic Juhu Beach in the city of Mumbai. In this blog, we invite you on an exciting journey to discover the plush residences of some of your beloved celebrities.

Vibrant colours of sky after sunset at Juhu Beach

Explore the nightlife of Mumbai at Juhu. From serene walks by the beach to mouth-watering food, embrace each moment as the sun sets. Make the most of your night with this comprehensive blog.


Discover the unexplored treasures of Juhu, Mumbai, where tranquility meets excitement. Juhu holds countless surprises for those willing to explore its hidden gems.

sun setting on the horizon at a beach

Mumbai is home to a number of pristine beaches. The white sands, the blue waters, the shops, & the lively environs of the coast entice tourists & locals.

bed in a Deluxe Room at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Palm Grove offers the perfect staycation in Mumbai. It welcomes leisure and corporate guests and spoils them for choice. 

sea waves moving towards the shore during evening with a cruise in the sea

While a long walk on the wet sands of the beach is enough to revitalise you, there is much more to do once you are done embracing the endless sea.

valentine day special in mumbai - a couple holding hands and walking on a sea beaching during sunset

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you must be busy planning how to make this day special for you and your partner. Let us help you plan your romantic getaway in Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, a 5-star hotel in Juhu Beach.

Things to do in mumbai on new year eve

Celebrate this New Year's Eve in Mumbai where the gatherings are lively, exciting, and sparkly. Mumbai, known for being the hub of festivities, is prepared to welcome New Year 2023 with all of its might!

view of the iconic bridge of The Bandra-Worli Sea Link during evening

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is home to many film shooting locations. Visit some of these landmarks as you stay at Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

ganapati idol with powdered colours in background

On the fourth day of the sixth Hindu month of Bhadrapada, Hindus fervently celebrate the birthday of Vignaharta Ganesha, the god of success and knowledge. In Mumbai, the festival is pompous as locals celebrate their Bappa’s (Lord Ganesha) birthday. Read on to learn more about Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai.

Mumbai skyline at dusk 21

Mumbai, or as it was known in colonial times and until 1995, Bombay, wasn’t always the twinkling, bright, colourful, City of Dreams. This rich, multicultural city was nothing more than a swamp area before British rule. Let us take you through the hidden gems of Mumbai.  

Chuski, ice cream golas in Mumbai

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, offers a large variety of activities during summertime. From a leisurely stroll by Marine Drive or devouring the famous chuski, Mumbai provides relief from the scorching heat.

crowds at Mumbai International Film Festival

Want to add some fun experiences to your travel itinerary in Mumbai? Here are the top 5 must-visit Mumbai festivals and fairs for you to take part in.

graffiti Street Art

Bored with the usual? Here is a list of quirky, out of the norm, fun things to do in Mumbai with your friends.

aerial view of Nightlife in Mumbai

Read up about how Mumbai city celebrates the arrival of new hopes and dreams during the New Years

Chor baazar Mumbai

We list out the most popular bazaars and shopping destinations in Mumbai where you can strike a deal and horde up goodies!

person walking on Juhu Beach

If you're in Mumbai and haven't heard about the mention of Juhu beach at least once, then you are definitely missing out on a great experience!

flock of birds near gateway of India

A city full of life, glamour and events, here, we are listing down the must-visit locations when you visit the City of Dreams!

jet skiing 34

The Juhu Beach is truly one of the most versatile beaches in Mumbai! Indulge in some fun activities and water sports in Juhu Beach for some pure adrenaline rush and make up the most of your Mumbai holiday.

trees on a beach 314

People who visited Juhu Beach have witnessed neon blue lights when the waves hit the shores. This natural yet unusual occurrence caught the attention of the locals and tourists alike. On a further study by Ecology professors, it was concluded that the neon lights were the product of phytoplankton called dinoflagellates.

trinkets on display at an outdoor stall

Visitors who are planning a street shopping trip in Mumbai can visit the many street shops that sell a variety of merchandise that suit the tastes of every individual. Some of the common items that are sold at these street markets include trendy outfits, jewellery, household items, home decor and everything in between.


Mumbai's Bandra suburb provides a distinctive fusion of quaint old villages, Bollywood glitz, and street art. On the one hand, there are the Koliwadas, and then there are the Gaonthans, as the villages of Mumbai were referred to.