Banquet Halls and Venues at Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, Mumbai

As in life, business too has its special moments. Product launches, seminars, training workshops, sales review meets, and conferences are some business events that demand the best of attention to make them a success. Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, Mumbai, has developed a reputation for providing the best 5 Star banquet halls near Juhu. With more than three decades of experience, our hotel on Juhu beach is a prime location for business meets, non-residential conferences and other corporate occasions. 

The regal and stately touch of the banquet venues of the hotel adds a sublime aura to any special occasion. Be it a corporate event, cocktail party, or even something as personal as an engagement ceremony, sangeet, wedding, birthday party or an anniversary — the hotel offers guests the flexibility to mix and match venue options. Each of the 4 outstanding venues within the hotel has been intricately designed to cater to special occasions with the latest multimedia audio and video equipment.

Concord Hall

Banquet Hall at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Juhu Beach Mumbai, 5 Star Banquets in Juhu Mumbai


With an expansive 3710 sq. ft. of space, the Concord Hall accommodates up to 300 delegates in varied seating styles. This hall can be split into two parts for smaller gatherings. The seating arrangements for the same are listed below:


CONCORD (Combined)

  • Conference style:
    • Theatre - 225
    • U-Shape - 75
    • Classroom - 75
  • Banquet style:
    • Sit-down - 225
    • Floating - 500


  • Conference style:
    • Theatre - 80
    • U-Shape - 35
    • Classroom - 35
  • Banquet style:
    • Sit-down - 45
    • Floating - 125


  • Conference style:
    • Theatre - 125
    • U-Shape - 45
    • Classroom - 50
  • Banquet style:
    • Sit-down - 75
    • Floating - 175

Chancery Boardroom

The Chancery Boardroom at Ramada Plaze Palm Grove is the ideal meeting hall in Juhu and is popular for small meets and boardroom reviews. It offers 672 sq. ft. of utilizable space for your meetings.

  • Conference style:
    • Theatre - 30
    • U-Shape - 15
    • Classroom - 18
  • Banquet style:
    • Sit-down - 20
    • Floating - 40

Business Centre at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Juhu Neach Mumbai, Meeting and Conference Hotels In Juhu Mumbai

Roof Top Banquet Hall in Juhu

Roof top banquet Hall at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Juhu Beach Mumbai, Roof top Banquets in Juhu Mumbai
Roof top banquet Hall at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Juhu Beach Mumbai, Roof top Banquets in Juhu Mumbai

For weddings, guests will find that Ramada Plaza Palm Grove offers the perfect venue — our roof top banquet hall in Juhu, The open air venue, with an expansive view of the Arabian Sea coupled with the swaying breeze lets nature play. Like Concord, the Rooftop can also be split into 2 separate venues if required. The seating arrangements are as follows:


  • Sit-down: 300
  • Floating: 600-700


  • Sit-down: 200
  • Floating: 400-450


  • Sit-down: 100
  • Floating: 200-250

Poolside Events

Pool side Patio at Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, Pool Side Restaurant in Juhu

To add a cheerful tinge of informality and fun to your event, choose our Poolside party venue in Juhu as the venue for your event!


Seating arrangements:

  • Sit-down style - 200
  • Floating style - 350-400

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