Best Beaches to Visit in Mumbai

sea waves moving towards the shore during evening with a cruise in the sea

Mumbai is home to a number of pristine beaches. The white sands, the blue waters, the beachside shops and the lively environs of the coast entice tourists and locals alike. The famous beaches in Mumbai like Juhu, Aksa, Versova, Marve and Manori are known for their appealing aesthetics and tranquil surroundings.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is a famous beach in Mumbai that is frequented by the local crowd and celebrities. It is one of the longest beaches in the city that has been featured in various Bollywood movies due to its picturesque location. Many come early in the morning for a jog, a perfect time to exercise as the cool sea breeze hits the skin. The beach offers horse rides, so if you want to explore the beach while riding a horse, you are in for a treat! It also houses a number of bars, eateries and souvenir shops.

boats on water with buildings behind
coconut trees dotting a sea coast

Aksa Beach

Away from the commercialised jungle, Aksa Beach is located in a serene part of Mumbai. Here, you can spend hours in the company of your loved one without any disturbance. Walk on the vast stretch of sand or read a book while gazing upon the blue waters. The beach is also dotted with restaurants that share a variety of different cuisines, from Gujarati to Continental. This beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madh Island. The island beach also houses the famous Madh Fort, a true testament to the land’s history.

Versova Beach

Versova Beach is a renowned beach in Mumbai that is celebrated for its cinematic view. Many often come here to witness the poetic sunsets that paint the beach shades of red and orange! Although swimming is prohibited here due to high tides, people can engage in a fun horse ride. Whether it be playing a game of volleyball with your friends or spending some romantic time in the comfort of your partner, Versova Beach is truly a blissful haven!

coconut trees dotting a sea coast 1
colourful reflection of the sky at a beach

Marve Beach

On the outskirts of Mumbai resides a treasure by the name of Marve Beach. The beach is nestled away from the concrete jungle and is adored for its clean sand. It houses a Portuguese church that many come to visit. Travellers come here to get lost in the quiet nature of the beach, for leisurely strolls and occasional fishing. It is also dotted with a number of shacks that sell mouth-watering local and international dishes. The shacks also cook fresh catch from the sea, offering a plate of ambrosial preparation that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Manori Beach

Located close to Marve Beach, Manori Beach is a hidden gem that charms tourists with its peaceful environs and enamouring horizon. The beach is a great place to host picnics with friends and family. Often termed “mini Goa”, the beach is outlined with several shacks and restaurants that conjure an array of local and international dishes. Indulge in a bite as you marvel at the stunning sunsets.

sun setting on the horizon at a beach

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