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Every Shopper’s Paradise - Mumbai

Best products at the most affordable prices - a wonderful offer that is available quite a lot in Mumbai. Mumbai is stocked with markets which sell all kinds of products. There is something for everyone at these markets in Mumbai. Here is a list of four of the best shopping hubs in Mumbai. They are must-visit spots for those who love shopping. Don’t forget that Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, is situated close to some of these shopping hubs in Mumbai. So, book your room today to enjoy the beauty of Juhu Beach as well as the exciting aura of the shopping hubs of Mumbai!

The Best Shopping Hubs in Mumbai

Shopping Hubs in Mumbai1, Near Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach Hotel

Colaba Causeway Market

Colaba Causeway Market is the personification of ‘everything available’. This large forum sells everything from handicrafts and clothes to books and stationeries. Even if one doesn't want to buy anything, it is a good place to take a stroll in for its energizing hum is sure to excite you. Experience the humdrum of Mumbai’s shopping life to the fullest at Colaba Causeway Market!

Chor baazar Mumbai

Chor Bazaar

The original name which was ‘Shor Bazaar’ was changed to ‘Chor Bazaar’ during British India, as the Britishers were not able to pronounce it right. Situated in the heart of Mumbai Muslim District, this place is a goldmine for those who love antique and vintage goods. Take a stroll amidst the many tiny shops stocked with unique and eye-catching treasures of beauty!


Shopping Hubs in Mumbai  Near Ramada Plaza Palm Grove  Juhu Beach Hotel

Fashion Street

Mumbai is one of the fashion capitals of India, and Fashion Street truly stands up to the reputation. A hub for mostly youngsters and teenagers, the Fashion Street has almost 150 stalls, selling the most trendy clothes and other fashion accessories. This colourful street is located only 9.4 kilometres away from Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach.


clothes on display at Mangaldas market Mumbai

Mangaldas Market

With pretty, colourful clothing materials in every store of the market, Mangaldas Market is a paradise for those who love fabrics. With all kinds of designs available, Mangaldas Market is one of the best and largest textile markets in the world. Enter this vibrant world of colour and texture in the south of Mumbai, near Zaveri Market!